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WSR – 05/06/12

Since the last half of April was a wash I will start with the first of May.

May 1
No Spend Day

May 2
$8.79 lunch

May 3
No Spend Day

May 4
$8.13 lunch
$60 gas
$5 allowance to Diva

May 5
+$32.76 returned a pillow
$48.32 groceries

May 6
+$25.00 Visa gift card from work
$11.93 groceries (on Visa gift card)

Total:  $142.17  $57.76
Grand Total: $84.41

$68.51 left for the next 10 days. 😦

The only thing I am really concerned with is milk.  I have switched to buying organic.  We go through it so quickly I would debate buying a cow if I didn’t live in an apartment and in a big city. LOL

This fiscal fast is actually a good thing for me.  My freezer is full so it’s time to use up what I have before it gets freezer burn.


Comments on: "WSR – 05/06/12" (2)

  1. My fridge is PACKED! My goal is to eat everything in it.

  2. lol. A whole cow. Maybe that isn’t such a bad idea. You could also get cheese 🙂

    Stuff like milk and bread can really get the better of your budget. I think you will make it though. 10 days won’t take long.

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