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Is it just me?

Or does a red light no longer mean stop?  Especially for those turning left.

If I had a nickel for ever time I witnessed someone run a red light, I could hang out with Donald Trump or at least afford to stay in one of his hotels. 😉

I am at a loss as to when we became this society that is ALWAYS in a rush.  And of course let us not forget that “where ever I am going in much more important than where you are going so I can justify breaking the law” mentality of my fellow city mates.

It’s insane.

I am sure that my area is not the only one with this problem, but as a member of the driving public it is down right scary.

Comments on: "Is it just me?" (2)

  1. I don’t see the running of red lights often here in Barbados, but I know well of people rushing, roundabouts and overtaking is where you see it the most. People also tend to speed up on the amber light right before red. I myself rush sometimes but I try my very best to avoid it and I still employ the safety first, no running of lights or trying to overtake anyone in risky situations. I rarely rush though. I decided that my life is more important that being late.

  2. Totally agree. I always wonder why people are in such a rush, only to be stopped three seconds later lol. I had to learn the hard way that getting a few seconds ahead of traffic isn’t worth it.

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