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Temptation part 2

My cousin’s cousin show up this morning.

We discussed my ideas.  He told me it is all do-able.

We talked a lot about what he did for our mutual cousin.  Her basement was about $50,000 worth of work.  Which he charged her $20,000 to do.

Big. Numbers!!

I told him I am not spending that kind of money.

One of the things on my list of things to do is to get a dishwasher.  So we discussed that.  I think that’s where we might start.

To put a dishwasher in I need to buy a dishwasher obviously and a new counter top.  Because the dishwasher will take up a cupboard and a half the sink will need to move over.   He figures it will be about $80 for a new counter and $300 in labour to put in the dishwasher. Of course I want a new sink.  One where the faucet is not attached to the counter but to the sink. Especially since I am getting a formica counter top not granite or marble.

I want to cut windows in walls.  Unfortunately until he actually opens the wall he can’t give me a quote.

As for my floor, it was not good news.  It seems that the floor was not done properly and a lot of the tiles are no longer attached to the mortar. 😦 So I will need to replace my floor at some point in time.  He recommends that I do it last.

I’m going to let it all marinate for a while.  This is a total want.


Comments on: "Temptation part 2" (2)

  1. Those are big numbers to play with. You have a lot to think about. I mean, I should have expected that but I honestly didn’t imagine it to go over $20000.

    Unless you are sure that would make you extra comfortable and happy, I’d put those off for a while if they are wants.

    • It’s not $20,000 for me. That was the price tag on my cousin’s renovations. So far I’m at less than $1000 plus the cost of a dishwasher and this would put a window in one of my walls. It’s a great starting place for me.

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