Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

In a good mood

And here are the reasons why.

One: It’s Friday!!  Need I say more???

Two: Rogers is back in my good books again.  We shall see for how long this time.  I had to go a little crazy annoyed customer on them yesterday.

Last week my home phone stopped working.  I called; we ran through the diagnostics, it was determined the signal is weak.  But the phone started working so I cancelled the appointment for the technician to come out and look.

Monday, the phone is not working again.  So I called them yesterday morning to make an appointment.  The technical support dude transferred me to customer service who told me I would have to pay for the service call.

Say what!?!

So I got a little “sarcastic”. This was beyond me.  I have their service, it’s not working and they want me to pay for them to come out and fix it? *side eye* Seriously?

Needless to say I was transferred to a “supervisor” who scheduled my appointment.

The tech that came yesterday not only fixed my home phone but also the cable in my bedroom which hadn’t been working for over 6 months.  I figured since the signal in the building was crap I should just be happy with one TV.  Not any more!!

Three: The weather has been fantastic.  Bright skies, gentle breeze.

Four: I don’t have to fetch water.  I have always felt incredibly lucky to have been born on this side of the planet at the time that I was.  I think I would have been killed had I had to deal with blatant oppression, discrimination, sexism, racism and any other isms.  I have a wicked temper and low tolerance for BS.  Sometimes to my own detriment.

Five: I have no pressing week-end plans so I can just mill about in my jammies all the while if I feel like it. 🙂

Also, I’m getting caught up with my blog reading.  I have finally hit April!!  Hush, don’t judge me!! LOL 🙂


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  1. Haha lots of good things!

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