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Today I had lunch with one of my co-workers who I always thought had it together.

She lives in a lovely house.  Her hubby works part-time by choice.  They “seem” to be doing “okay” from where I am standing.

But we all know that appearances can be deceiving.

Today she shocked me by telling me that one of the things she would really like to learn how to do is budget.  My jaw dropped.

I know budgeting is hard … well not budgeting so much as following the budget.

She told me the only reason they are doing okay is because she makes a good salary.  And while she is saving for her future self she will not choose to not have fun just to increase her retirement savings. (yes you will need to re-read that statement to have it make sense ;))

What I found most interesting about this confession is it came on the heels of her telling me that in a year or so when they finish paying off hubby’s new car she will be looking to get her own new car.  At the beginning of this year she was in an accident that wrote off her car.  They replaced her car with a 2009 fully loaded car but because it’s not a convertible …

I was thinking if I am in the market for a newer to me car in a year or so I could be sitting in the passenger seat of it!!

I find it very interesting how we all handle money so very differently.



Comments on: "Co-worker’s Confession" (4)

  1. clutteredmoney said:

    My friend and co worker makes $145k a year and has nothing saved. Hes 40 years old and spends his money on bailing out everyone in his life. I finally convinced him to start a 401k and he constantly laments on how much income he 401k eats out of his paychecks. It is very interesting how people deal with money.

  2. It really is interesting how differently we all handle money. I’ve heard of a similar situation to the one your friend has not long ago. If she is saving though she is still in a good place. If she is doing OK without a budget, maybe she may not need one. Maybe all she needs to do is automate her savings and then continue on like normal.

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