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The bonus child EATS

On Monday I came home to find my bonus child just walking out of the kitchen with a huge bowl of cereal.

I said nothing.

Tuesday the 3 of them split Sunday’s leftovers.  Less than an hour later Diva inhaled Monday’s leftovers.  Since we had one hamburger bun in the fridge I figured that would be my dinner.  There were 2 hamburger patties left.  One double burger for me!!  Ahhhh nope, Princess requests one of the patties.

This week is not the first time I have noticed how much food the bonus child eats.

Wednesday morning I had a little chat with Princess about next month’s reduced food budget and that the bonus child eats a lot.  I feel horrible for having to put restrictions on my fridge.

Yesterday I came home, there were the three of them just watching TV, no food in hand.  In fact later my kids barely ate.


I spoke with Princess about if she spoke to her friend and she said she did.  But she also continued to tell me that this child does not really eat at home.  I don’t know if this is because there is nothing to eat or there is nothing she wants to eat.

Either way I feel a little worst.

I think that this child may not have enough at home.  I noticed when they were supposed to go to the movies and a meal for a friend’s birthday and the bonus child’s parents gave her $10 to cover it all.  I don’t know if they knew or understood the whole event but $10 does not get her into the movies and would barely cover a meal on its own.

I am now left feeling like I should talk to the bonus child myself as I am not sure how Princess told her to eat less at my place.

Should I inquire about her home situation?

I don’t have a problem with her eating at my house I object to her eating a lot EVERY day.


Comments on: "The bonus child EATS" (3)

  1. Hmmm… Tough situation… I don’t think I’d talk to the parents or the “bonus” kid. You’d put them in an awkward situation…. Can you have a daily snack planned for them instead? So popcorn one day, muffins, apple slices & chunks of cheese the next, etc…?

  2. I can understand how you feel about this one but I’m with Carla on this one. It would be an awkward situation. If you were super rich this wouldn’t even be a problem but you are not.

    I think Carla has a great idea. Kids do eat a lot though. You really are in a tough situation. I know things are rough but maybe you could try to squeeze a little extra into your cooking to accommodate her. It really is heart wrenching having to put restrictions on the fridge.

    I know you’ll come up with a great solution though.

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