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Did you know

This week is “Mom Appreciation Week”, according to Princess and the Bonus Child.

And they decided this because they wanted to bake and figured it would be better marketed to me as a “Look what we did for you” as opposed to “We wanted to bake”.

I don’t even know what to say to them except thanks … I think. o_O

They made strawberry shortcake from a recipe book they borrowed from school.  All did not go exactly as planned since the recipe called for self rising flour and we only have all-purpose.

But they were proud of their work and that’s what really counts.  Plus it was not bad in the taste department.

They want to bake every day.  Which as long as they eat it all works for me as I have a ton of flour.

Following Carla’s advice I made carrot cake cupcakes yesterday for snack for these ladies.  Only the Bonus Child likes them. lol


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