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Summer shows are back

It’s summer and two of my guilty pleasures are back.

Secret millionaire


I truly believe it is the responsibility of the haves to lend a hand to the have-nots.  The premise behind the show is that they take millionaires out of their “natural” habit and place them in a struggling community.  The millionaire lives in the neighbourhood on whatever the welfare amount would be for a week.  This season so far the millionaires have been in pairs and the weekly amount that they are given is about $70, give or take a dollar or two.  While out of their element, the millionaires look  for volunteer opportunities. At the end of their 6 days, they give part of their own money to the deserving organizations they have met.

I have yet to watch this show without tearing up.  There is so much need out there.  So many people doing good.  It’s a great thing to see.

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition


Chris Powell is changing the lives of the super obese.  Over the course of one year participants of this show manage to reduce their body weight by huge amounts.  It is amazing and incredibly inspiring.  It is awesome to see what one can do when one becomes focused and driven.

Plus it doesn’t hurt that Chris is such a hottie. 😉


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