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WSR – 06/11/12

Hmmm, I can’t think of when I last did one of these. 😦

So I have borrowed from Peter to pay Paul with the jars, but I have not used credit so that should count for something.

Jun 1 – $5.30 sushi dinner
$8.00 shipping for krill oil

Jun 2 – $22.33 dinner with friend from out-of-town

Jun 3 – $10 lunch with BFF
$26.22 groceries

Jun 4 – No Spend Day

Jun 5 – $30 donation to heart & stroke

Jun 6 – $5 tip for dinner out with a friend

Jun 7 – No Spend Day

Jun 8 – $11.02 lunch

Jun 9 – $127.72 groceries 😦
$23.98 movie for a friend’s birthday

Jun 10 – No Spend Day

Grand Total: $269.57
3 No Spend Days

Well over $70 more my weekly amount of $195.93. 😦

I did not take out money to put in the jars.  I just kinda winged it. 😦  I will not make that mistake again.

While I can still make my monthly goals, it will be tough if I don’t get my mind back in focus.  There was a lot of unplanned spending this week; the donation,  movie, lunch with BFF and dinner with my out-of-town friend.  Not good excuses but things I wanted to do and did mindlessly.

This leaves me with $26.06 for groceries for this week.  I think it can be done.  We really don’t need anything.

It will be a challenge!



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  1. Every time I use my debit cards & don’t take out my jar cash, I do the same. Never fails! So it’s cash only here now!

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