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Last night I attended Princess’ Grade 8 graduation ceremony.

It was quite a production held in a banquet hall.  There was the actual ceremony that ran from 4 pm to 6 pm for parents.  From 6 -6:30, quick refreshments of juice/pop and cookies for parents and students were served.  At this point the parents were asked to leave and the 185 graduating students enjoyed dinner followed by a dance that ended at 10 pm.

I think the whole event was a bit excessive for leaving elementary school.  Before you string me up and light the fire, let me explain.

To attend this ceremony all you had to do was show up be registered in the school.  This “graduation” was not a reflection of the effort put forth by the kids.  Even kids who failed all subjects will be going on to Grade 9.  They would just be “promoted” instead of “graduating”.  😐

Maybe my expectations are high but celebrating leaving Grade 8 to go on to 9 which is legally required seems a bit much.  It’s not like the kids have a choice in continuing.  I don’t expect to whoop it up like my kid graduated university when they are 14.

What will the graduation from high school look like?

I expect my children will graduate from grade 8, high school and some post-secondary school.

I expect to party like it’s 1999 when my kid gets her first second degree, masters or doctorate.  Not to say that her first degree will not be celebrated but in an age where she will need a least that to be competitive in this economy, it has moved to the expected list.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they should have a party to commemorate leaving elementary school just not one on such a grand scale.

Don’t even get me started about the dress code.

It was a dress up affair, but I was appalled shocked at what 13-14 year old girls are choosing to wear.  Even more so that their parents agreed and bought these “not too there” strapless dresses and “break your neck” stilettos for their young children to put on.

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think my responsibility as a parent is to purchase my daughter’s first pair of sky-high high-heeled shoes.  Especially considering I don’t wear them myself.  She has plenty of time on her own dime to do it.

I worry about the way our society is going.  Princess was not happy with my choice of shoe for her once she saw that others in her grade were in shoes commonly found on strippers burlesque dancers.  But at the end of the night when she was walking and a lot of her schoolmates were hobbling she was a little more understanding of my decision.

Either way the over-sexualization of young girls is greying my hair.  I don’t want my girls to feel like they have to look like baby prostitutes toddlers in tiaras “sexy” in order to fit in.


Comments on: "Graduation" (5)

  1. I respect you on a whole new level!! lol! And I’ll just add a hearty “Amen!” to everything you said!! lol!

  2. I definitely agree with you! That seems way over the top.

  3. I am bookmarking your site solely on principle. Good for you.

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