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Ikea is calling me

I want to re-decorate Diva’s room … just a little bit.

Here’s my problem, currently Diva has a bunk bed with a futon on the bottom, similar to this one.



Her bed is usually in the open position and she sleeps on the bottom bunk/futon.  The top bunk is covered with her “stuff”; clean clothes that should be put away, dirty clothes that should be in the laundry … you get the idea.  Along with the cluttered top bunk Diva tends to hang things off the corner posts, like her towel or purses.

It is a thorn in my side.

This bunk bed actually separates into two beds.  We have tried this option before where I put the futon in the living room and leave the single bed in her room.

To quote my child “It’s not working, I need a lot of room to sleep”.  So the futon was put back in her room.

And the clutter returned. 😦

This brings me to Ikea.

A few years ago, I was in Ikea and saw this beauty.


But its $500 price tag quickly shot down any thought I had of taking it home.

Next there was this one.


At $50 cheaper than the brown version it too was a no go.

Which brings me to the latest one to catch my eye.


At $300, this is still a bit to expensive for me BUT Ikea is have a midnight madness sale tonight and at one of the locations “near-ish” to me this bed will be $99.

I am very tempted.

UPDATE: Diva decided that although she likes the bed, the money would be better spent elsewhere, so we didn’t venture out for it.


Comments on: "Ikea is calling me" (6)

  1. If you think this will help her keep her room clean then go for it… If not, just make her clean her room or shut the door. 😉 I can snap a pic of my 14yr. old dds room if you want to see that the problem is clear across North America… lol! She has a regular bed & still finds room to put piles of “stuff”. 😉

    • I’m not sure that it would help her keep the room clean. But it would make it feel less cluttered as I plan to use the bed as a single bed and only extend it if we have overnight guests.

  2. did you end up buying it?

  3. That’s exactly the kind of bed my kid needs. I wish we lived near an IKEA.

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