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IWIW – 06/27/12

A few odds and ends that have caught my eye. And some examples of how it sometimes sucks to be Canadian, usually only where shopping is concerned as living in Canada is fantastic … ahh umm ok back to the subject at hand.

Item #1 – Belkin Mini Surge Protector


Why is this $11.89 on Amazon.com and $19.49 on Amazon.ca??

Item #2 – City of Joy movie


This is one of my favourite movies and I want to share it with my kids.  I put it on hold at the library over 18 months ago.  It seems like they can’t find their only copy.  I am debating purchasing it.

Amazon.com  – $5.80
Amazon.ca – $5.51

Item #3 – The Power of One movie


Another old favourite.  A copy can not be had at the local library. 😦  It is only recently that I learned this movie is based on a book with the same name.

Amazon.com – $18.48
Amazon.ca – $89.29 (no this is not a typo) 😦

Item #4 – Lifefactory 22 oz glass water bottle


In recent years I have become more skeptical about what is going into the plastics we use day in and day out.  When given the option I will avoid plastic and cans.  BPA is something I am actively trying to avoid.  To make matters worst just went I was starting to feel like drinking from BPA-free plastics was good enough I read this article that made me squeamish all over again.

Amazon.com – $15.75
Amazon.ca – $24.20

Item #5 – Tervis 24 oz water bottle or tumbler



The elephant is just so cute.  I love double walled glasses and if these weren’t plastic they would be part of my kitchen.  It took a lot of restraint when I was in BB&B a couple of weeks ago.  Lucky for me these items were out of stock.  I am a huge Steelers fan and contemplated going to a different BB&B to get this mug.  But time was not in my favour at that time and given my recent experience with BB&B, I will not be back.

Amazon.com total* is $45.06 with free shipping.
Amazon.ca total* is $89.19 and if I add $5.51 more of merchandise I can get free shipping. 😦

*The above totals are based on buying The Power of One used.


Comments on: "IWIW – 06/27/12" (3)

  1. You have no idea how much this irks me… It’s like books & magazines… Not AS BAD as before, but for years we were paying DOUBLE!! Like come on! Food is still the same… very annoying!

  2. I love The Power of One, movie and book. You have to read the book. Seriously. It is one of my all-time favorite books.

    I didn’t realize there would be such a drastic difference for some of those things. It makes sense though. I’ve been to the mall near Buffalo, NY a few times and there are always a lot of Canadian license plates in the parking lot.

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