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Farmer’s Market

The company I work for has a long week-end policy which basically lets us out 2 hours early on the Friday before a long week-end.  So yesterday I used that time to visit a farmer’s market located in the parking lot of a nearby mall.

It was small.  There were 5 stands; 2 produce vendors, 1 soap, 1 bread and 1 honey.

I remember reading somewhere that farmer’s markets are not necessarily cheaper that the grocery store and it seemed so in this case.  BUT the produce just looked so good, I couldn’t help myself.

I bought snap peas, nectarines, peaches and cherries for $22.  A bit more than I would like to spend but everything I tasted so far has been delicious.

Next week-end if the stars align right, I will be going to St. Jacob’s market.  From my house it is an hour and a half drive.  I am hoping to cut down some of that time by dragging going with a girlfriend of mine who lives West of Toronto.  Over-nighting at her place will cut the drive down by half an hour.  Considering the market in only open 7 am – 3:30 pm on Saturdays, that half hour means I can get up a little later. 🙂  Hopefully I will be able to restrain myself.

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  1. The market at Fairview Mall used to be bigger. I didn’t realize it had shrank so much!

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