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June 2012 recap

I only did a few spending reports in June but that doesn’t mean I was not tracking my money.  I did and it was not pretty.

Various expected and unexpected expenses cropped up.  I realize that while I save up for certain things, dentist, property taxes etc, I usually pay for them out of my regular budget not my savings which makes my budget look wonky.

To make matters worst I am not the best with cash.  I find that when I have a few dollars in my pocket they disappear faster than I like.


With no cash in my hand I tend to over spend as there is usually money in my bank account. 😦

Without further adieu June looked like this.

Budgeted Actual Difference
Transportation (gas) $130 $59 $71.00
Food (groceries) $390 $406.06 -$16.06
Entertainment (eating out) $99.03 $112.98 -$13.95
Clothing/gifts $20 $71.17 -$51.17
Everything else $210 $709.56 -$499.56
$849.03 $1358.77 -$509.74

Between Father’s Day and Princess’ graduation my budget was quickly thrown out of wack.

My only saving grace is that everything was paid for in cash AND I did not have to pull money out of my savings. 🙂


Comments on: "June 2012 recap" (2)

  1. That’s more than a saving grace. That is completely awesome that you were able to cover everything without resorting to savings.

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