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July goals

New month!!  Time for new goals.

My only new goal this month is to work out EVERY day.

I am challenging myself to do Ripped in 30 every day in July.  It is 4 work outs to be done 1 per week with each workout being harder than the last.


Jillian is not nice but she gets results.  And that is what I am after.  I am on track so far.  My legs are hurting.  I can’t say that I will tell you every day that I do this but I will tell you if I miss a day.  Deal?

Did I mention my legs are in pain?

On the financial front I am saving for my August vacation so I am reducing my food spending, both groceries and eating out.  I am aiming for $700 US. 🙂

July’s budget

Transportation (gas) 120
Food (groceries) 300
Entertainment (eating out) 60
Clothing/gifts 20
Everything else 210

There is a lot of food in my freezer so I will concentrate my efforts on reducing that.

This month I will continue to use only cash and try to better stay on budget.

I haven’t done a fiscal fast in a long while … I wonder if when that can be achieved this month. 😉


Comments on: "July goals" (3)

  1. I did the 30 day shred and saw great results, especially in the losing inches part. I think I should challenge myself to do that again. I cursed and swore at Jillian the whole time, LOL. Good luck with your goals

  2. […] had to go back and review my July goals as I don’t even remember […]

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