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IWIW – 07/04/12

I want a toned strong body.  Particularly strong arms.  I have spoken before about my fear of “Oprah arms”.

I really like love Ciara‘s body.

And I understand that she’s 16 26, AND has never given birth to a child AND it’s her job to be in shape but that still doesn’t change my desire to have a body like hers.

 (Source)   (Source)

While trolling the internet I came across Ruby Carter-Pikes.  She is a 64-year-old great-grandma who is taking the body building world by storm.


And Ernestine Shepherd, a 75-year-old body builder.


Body building has never appealed to me but what these two older women are doing is just phenomenal.

Very inspirational and motivational!!

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  1. Those ladies look AMAZING!

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