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WSR 7/8/12

Jul 1 – $50 gas
$75.09 groceries
$40 Canada Day
$2.93 McDonald’s
$9.96 Dork book for Diva

Jul 2 – No Spend

Jul 3 – No Spend

Jul 4 – $20.86 groceries
$6 bus fare

Jul 5 – $71.35 groceries

Jul 6 – $4.20 library fines
$6 lotto ticket

Jul 7 – $70.60 birthday lunch for my Aunt

Grand Total:  $356.99 Wowsers! 😦
No Spend Days – 2

67% of my spending last week was on food. 😦  I will need to slow down and stay out of the grocery store for the rest of the month next week or so.

On a different note, my favourite Aunt turned 70 this past week and I realized that I have never taken her out for a meal.  I have taken her to do her grocery shopping and multiple trips to Ikea but never for food.  So I took steps to change that.  We went to an All-U-Can-Eat Japanese restaurant.  This restaurant came highly recommended by 2 co-workers.  It is a little pricey so we went for lunch instead of dinner.  Diva & Princess really enjoyed themselves, eating 6 bowls of ice cream each for dessert.  The food was great, my only complaint was that delivery was a little slow.

On the exercise front … week 2’s workout is hard.  It was brutal today.  I was sweating like a beast.  It was ugly.  It almost had me contemplating going back to week 1. 😦  I will persevere, but I will not be happy about it.  There will be pain tomorrow.


Comments on: "WSR 7/8/12" (2)

  1. I love how you keep track of every penny during the week.

    I’m trying, NOW, with my own budget thing and following Dave Ramsey’s plan.


    • I have too. When I lose track my money seems to grow wings and flies out of my wallet and bank account. 😦 Good luck, tracking your money is time consuming but so worth it.

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