Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

5 random things

  1. I think I am becoming an old biddie.  Remember Diva was stuck in the elevator with a friend?  Well the friend is 12 and is wearing contact lenses.  I think that’s way too young for contacts but I am starting to feel like there are a lot of activities that used to be done later in life that are now being done by younger and younger kids. 😦
  2. There is a dead squirrel on my balcony … I am not a fan of dead bodies of ANYTHING!!  Please feel free to volunteer to come by to remove it.  It is half eaten. 😦 I did not discover it and as far as I am concerned it can stay there indefinitely. If ever I needed more reason NOT to go on the balcony this is it.
  3. I am willing July to be over.  All this working out is making me tired.  Ok, it’s not the working out but lawd, it is hurting the little muscles I have.  I need to learn to go to bed much earlier.  My body needs the rest to recover.  I am not as young as I once was. 😦
  4. Having said that, I feel like I am getting stronger. 🙂 It might all be in my head but I can live with that right now.
  5. Divorce and the celebrity, yes I had to touch on it.  I am not going to debate Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes and what went wrong.  I couldn’t care less.  What I really want to know it how is it possible to file for divorce once day and the divorce be finalized 2 weeks later.  That seems like an awfully short amount of time to dissolve a marriage.  Is it just a celebrity/New York thing??

Comments on: "5 random things" (3)

  1. 1. Is ok if she can take care of them properly.
    2. Ewwww!!! on the squirrel! Use a broom & shove it off!! LOL!!
    3. I hear ya! It’s been a LONG day and I’m stuck waiting for hubby to leave at 11:30pm, so I can go to bed. *sigh*
    4. You go girl!
    5. Divorce in 2 weeks = $$$$$$$$$$ Same as everything else in Tinseltown! Money talks!

  2. I got my contacts when I was 13! In my case, it was much better for my eyes as glasses made my vision worsen (astigmatism). I was old enough at that age to care for them and they were much harder for me to lose than a pair of glasses.

  3. […] A couple of ladies who are smarter than me (I’m looking at you, Carla and Mutant Supermodel) told me that 12 was not too young.  Contacts are cheaper in the short-term than glasses, as I just have to get to 2013 in order for […]

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