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IWIW – 7/11/12

When I moved I was lucky enough to receive a free couch from a friend of mine.  Over the past 5 years that couch has been abused and it starting to talk.  Surprisingly only when I sit on it but I digress.

For the past couple of years I’ve said I should get a new couch but did nothing about it.  I think I drove my friends crazy with my day-dreaming.

Well a few weeks ago I met up with a girlfriend for dinner and since we had time to kill we went looking for a couch.

My Dad bought recliner couches and my kids love them so I figure I would at least look at some.

I went to The Brick but nothing in there really called my name.

Sears was next door and there were a few couches that caught my eye.


I liked this one but the $4000+ price tag quickly changed my mind.  Plus I need at least 3 recliners or else there will be a war in my home.


I can’t remember the price and the Sears website is not helpful with this one, but I thought I should get more than 3 seats.


This one has power reclining and a light in the cup holder.  Not sure that’s worth $4500+ though.


I really liked this one.  But $2900 is still a bit more that I would like to spend.


This one really caught my eye.  I would have walked right past it, had it not been for the salesman who suggested it.  It fits my basic criteria, 3 recliners with extra seating!!  But it is huge.  Based on the measurements I took in the store I would have to turn around my living room in order to accommodate it.  At $1500, I was told this is a steal.  I don’t know about steal but it was the cheapest recliner couch I liked so far.

When I see these $1000+ prices, it makes me pause.

I will continue to look and keep my eyes open for sales now that I think I found what I like.

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