Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

I am horrified.

We have had 3 deadly shootings in as many nights. 😦



More importantly, when will it end.

Let’s pray tonight is uneventful.

Police have charged a man in connection with Monday’s shooting.

A man has turned himself into police related to Tuesday’s shooting.  Turns out it was the victim’s brother.

The third shooting was in a playground at 1 am Thursday morning.


I am not sure if I should be relieved or alarmed that these 3 incidents are not believed to be related.


Comments on: "What is going on in my city?" (6)

  1. I didn’t realize that you were in TO. Horrible isn’t it… 😦 I’m 2 hrs away from TO, and while I love to visit, watching the news with the increasing gun violence in TO makes me glad I only visit. 😦 I hope you’re in a safe area far from where all of this has been happening.

  2. That is very sad – and very scary. So many people injured as well as the fatalities. Hoping the best for the recovery of all those people injured 😦

  3. gillshouse said:

    it’s not going to end as people are too scared to talk to the police. So until they talk to the police more people will get killed and the police will get the blame for doing nothing.

    It’s a vicious circle where no one wins, something has got to give………and as horrible as this all is, we haven’t seen the end of it, until all the gang members are rounded up and imprisoned…………in the mean time, more innocent people will be hurt or killed.

    The frightening thing in all of this is the utter disregard for the welfare of innocent bystanders these criminals have.

    Right stepping off my soap box and letting others take a turn……….


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