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WSR – 7/22/12

It’s been 2 weeks since I last posted a weekly spending report. 😦

I have no good excuse as I remember thinking last week-end I should do a post.

Oh well, lucky you will get 2 weeks in 1!!

Jul 8 – No Spend

Jul 9 – No Spend

Jul 10 – $8.46 bought my sister lunch
$5.57 groceries

Jul 11 – $29.12 groceries

Jul 12 – +$3 survey reward
$1.05 lemonade so I can get change from a $20

Jul 13 – $17.44 groceries
$7.95 stuff for Princess
$27.85 dinner out with a girlfriend

Jul 14 – No Spend

Jul 15 – $20.63 undergarments for kids

Jul 16 – $3.45 lunch

Jul 17 – $62 gas
$26.94 groceries

Jul 18 – $9.30 library fines for Princess 😦 (this comes out of her allowance)

Jul 19 – No Spend

Jul 20 – $25.33 groceries

Jul 21 – $29.35 take out for dinner with kids

Jul 22 – $84.00 running shoes & foam roller

Grand Total: $358.44 – $3=$355.44
4 No Spend Days

Not bad for 2 weeks.

With all that grocery spending I am still under-budget for the month!!  I will try my very best to stay under with $28.30 left.  I will do a quick pass through the cheap Asian grocery story for a few pieces of fruit which should hold us over until next month.

Oh wait!!

I have PC points.  I love PC*.  Worst case scenario I will go to No Frills and spend some points.

*For those of you not familiar with PC, it is an internet bank that has no fees and a manufacturer of various food and household products.  They offer points on their credit card and if you use your PC debit card in stores that sell PC products.  Once you have accumulated 20,000 points you can trade them in for $20 worth of merchandise in the same stores you earned the points in.


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