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IWIW – 08/01/12

I am in need of a new bed mattress.  It is overdue.

My mattress has been in my possession longer than Princess has been alive. 😦 I think you are supposed to change your mattress every 10+ years.  For those of you new to the party, Princess is 14.

I have looked at mattresses and then my inner cheapness frugalness comes out.  I think that I should have a good mattress, I just don’t like that it will cost me lots to get one.

Last week, Diva & I walked to the local mall.  We stopped in at the furniture store.  Diva laid down on a Tempur-Pedic and fell in love.  It was a nice mattress until I saw the $3700 price tag.


For. Just. The. Mattress!?!

Not happening any time soon.

But I do have to ramp up my search for a mattress.  Sooner rather than later I need to put some serious effort into finding a replacement.

A friend of mine has a foam mattress that I liked.  Turns out he walked in to his local Costco and picked it up.  Oh to live in America.

Costco Canada offers me a several options online.  But having things delivered to my apartment always puts me off.  I envision either the delivery company leaving it in the foyer for anyone to steal or taking it back to their distribution centre and then I have to go get it and fight with it to get it home.

I think that I need to move to a “simpler” country.  As I age, I am finding myself suffering from option overload.  I like having choices, I just don’t want too many.

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  1. we too are in the market for a mattress. On the tv last night they said Costco was a great source also Ikea. We’ve always bought from Sears and Sears outlet stores?

    Let me know what you get.


  2. […] High up on the list right now is a mattress.  It’s been on my list for some time. […]

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