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Friday I passed through Sleep Country Canada.  My girls tried out just about every bed and picked out a few.  They were all in the 4 digit range. 😦 I just can’t justify that right now.

Here’s two that caught my eye.

First up was the iComfort Savant.  Lovely mattress.  My kids fell in love.  It was nice but at almost $2500, I don’t think so.


The second one that I like was Serta iSeries Expression.  Very nice.  Super comfortable.  But it was almost $3100. Yikes!! 😦


The salesman at the store was “kind enough” to call someone and let me know they are willing to not charge me sales tax and throw in a free pillow and sell me the second one for 50% off.  How generous, I know.  I left the store feeling a bit overwhelmed.  How does one decide on a mattress?

On a totally different note, Princess fell in love with a pillow. It is $160!?! Huh???  Say what???  How does one pillow cost so much?

On to more reasonable options.

Costco has some foam mattresses that are a lot cheaper than $1000+.  In fact this one is actually on sale right now for $399.99 instead of $479.99.


If I want the frame the cost is $589.99; regular price $$699.99 after August 12.


Still a lot more affordable than $2000+.

The time to make a decision is sooner rather than later.  Especially with Costco’s great return policy.

Gill reminded me that Ikea and Sears are also good places to look for a mattress … so I would like to look at those stores before making my final decision.  I have less than a week if I want to take advantage of the Costco sale.


Comments on: "Mattress shopping, part 1" (2)

  1. Mattresses are so expensive! I don’t understand why.

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