Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Where to start?

So much has been going on this week.

Although it was a short week it felt long.

One of my co-workers went on vacation since Tues afternoon so it’s meant double work for me.  There are multiple projects to juggle which makes my days longer than normal and a bit more stressful.  Did I mention she is gone until next Friday? 😦

I have slightly fallen off the exercise bandwagon.  Having only exercised twice so far this week.  Tonight doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen.  I had the thought of exercising twice in one day.  After I stopped and thought about it, I realized it might not be feasible.

Princess has been coming to working with me … as in is now employed temporarily by my company.  She got her first pay cheque recently.  She is still asking me for her allowance. O_o

I shot myself in the foot a little financially since instead of being paid out a bonus I put it into my retirement fund and the extra taxes that came out of my pay was over $300. 😦 I will try not to dip into my savings to make up the shortfall.

I can’t wait for my vacation.  8 days and counting.


Comments on: "Where to start?" (2)

  1. keep counting down those days and your vacation will soon be here, then lets hope your vacation days go by very, very slow!!!


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