Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

5 more sleeps

I can hardly wait.

Saturday I took my car to get an oil change.  The last time I was there the mechanic said I should keep an ear out for my brakes. While they were not dead they were on the way there.  So while there I mentioned it.  I was called into the garage where the mechanic took me to the back of my car while it was up on the hoist.  He gave the rear passenger tire a spin, it moved nicely.  He gave the driver’s side rear wheel and it said “Nope not today”. 😦

Something had seized.  Because I was there rather late in the day he couldn’t take it apart to find out and fix it there and then.

So this morning started slowly with me struggling to get out of bed.  These grey mornings are not working for me.  I left the car at the mechanic who called midday to let me know that one of the calipers had gotten stuck and one of my brake pads were beaten beyond hope.  $400 later I now have a car I feel comfortable driving on a 10+ hour journey.

My night had me leaving work at 8. 😦

We had a tonne of system issues today as they put some changes in on the week-end.  So I went back to work after picking up my car & dropping Princess home.

I still have a lot to do. 😦  Tomorrow will be a better day.

Only 5 more sleeps … only 5 more sleeps.

And on that note I am going to bed.


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