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Retail Therapy

Yesterday I shopped until I dropped.

In the morning I went to Home Goods which is such a fun store for me.  I walked around looking at everything, like a kid in a candy store.  I found dishes!!  I have been looking for dishes for years.  I am not one of those people who co-ordinates naturally.  I need to buy a set of dishes so that they all match.  My cousin can put these plates with those bowls and it looks like it should have gone together all the while.  That is not me.

The set I bought is white.  I had been shying away from white for the longest while but the set I bought change my mind as it is 24 pieces.  Each place setting includes a dinner plate that is not super-sized, a side plate, cereal bowl, pasta bowl, soup bowl and a mug.  All for $35.  I can’t go wrong with it.  Did I also mention it is porcelain?

In the evening I took the girls to Target and it was a long trip.  I was not wearing a watch but it was close to 10 when we finally left.  It was daylight when we left the house. 😦  My girls went a little crazy so I had to rein them in.  Since we inventoried their wardrobe before we left I was in a position to veto a lot of their wants. 🙂

So far this trip has been great.  My only issue is that we are not going to bed in a timely manner but since we are on vacation it’s “okay”. 😉

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