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Biking in DC

Yesterday I went bike riding through Washington, DC.  It was a blast.  I have not been on a bike in probably 20 years, maybe more.  The cousin that I am staying with thought it would be a great idea to bring bikes into the city and use them to get around rather than try to drive it and walk around.

My kids really wanted to see the Martin Luther King memorial.  So that was my only destination.  My cousin had other thoughts.

There is so much to see and do in DC for free is truly does amaze me.

We drove down to my other cousin’s place who lives in downtown DC.  From there we biked to the general area of the majority of the memorials.

We went directly to the MLK memorial.  Neither of my cousins had ever been to it.  It was quite a sight.


It was a calm place.

From there we went to the Korean War memorial.

It was a different energy.  It is awesome that there are so many memorials to see.  Great starting points for talking to the kids about it.

After that we went for fro-yo and then eventually back to my cousin’s place in DC.

Her building has a roof top pool which the kids made use of.

We stayed up on the roof for quite some time relaxing.

My body is feeling the effects of biking around.  Diva enjoyed the biking so much she has asked for a bike.  I will look into find her one for cheap when I get back.


Comments on: "Biking in DC" (4)

  1. Sounds like fun 🙂

  2. Great pics. The last vacation I went on, the bf and I brought our bikes and did a bit of biking within the city. I really enjoyed it and you can cover so much more ground compared to just walking around the city.

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