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1st day back

There is so much to be done.  Things that should have been done last week were not. 😦  Oh well nothing to do but get it done now.

I left work late and did not feel to go to the grocery store. 😦

My kids were home today and made dinner.  I think that we should be alright for the next day or two if I don’t get to the grocery store.

I have to go in much earlier than normal so it will be another long day.

I think it is the aftermath of vacation that keeps me from taking more than 1 week off at a time.

I did manage to get my car unpacked.  My new dishes are in the kitchen waiting to be unpacked and washed.  I also picked up a cast iron frying pan and a cast iron crepe pan.  My co-worker gave me the how to season your cast iron pots lesson and tomorrow I will try it out.

I’m very excited at the thought of using cast iron pots.  Does that make me sad or what?? LOL


Comments on: "1st day back" (2)

  1. Lots to do! I always need a vacation after a vacation.

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