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A travelling week-end

This long week-end seemed extremely busy.

My Aunt is visiting Kingston, ON from Phoenix, AZ.  She was in the GTA on Friday night/Saturday morning.  So Friday evening I drove to Whitby to see her.  She has not seen my kids in many many years so it was nice to catch up.

It was a late night followed by a very early morning as I volunteered myself to drive my other Aunt to the airport.  Well I just couldn’t get my self together fast enough and ended up picking up my Aunt far later than I wanted to. 😦  So I dropped her off and went to have breakfast before I was supposed to meet my girlfriend at her place in Oshawa.  Just as I finished breakfast my Aunt called to tell me that she miss the check in time … by 7 minutes. 😦  So back to the airport I went to get her.  I felt beyond terrible.  The next flight she could get was the following day.  I volunteered to take her again but her friend made a fuss and I was fired from the task.

Since I had to pick up my Aunt and take her back home I was too late to make it to my friend’s house by 9 am so I ended up having to drive out to Ganaraska as we were going treetop trekking.

Treetop trekking was awesome and incredibly scary at the same time.  There were 5 of us; my girl, her hubby, her sister and her co-worker and me.  We did orientation which was 3 feet above the ground.  After orientation her sister went to buy gloves so I ended up doing the beginner course first.  I was good until I got to the zip line part.  The hardest part was letting go.  It’s amazing how your mind can convince you of danger even when you know you should be safe.  Anyhoo I did it.  In the process because of nerves and how I would put one of the cables under my arm, my armpit looks like I went a few rounds with a heavyweight champion. 😦

We were only there 3 hours and completed numbers 1 through 4 on this map.

Sunday found me in Niagara Falls, fulfilling my plan of going on the Maid of the Mist.

These are some of the views from the line up.


My kids were not impressed.  Diva wanted to get soaking wet.  I took a friend from the States along with my sister.  I paid for everyone  to go on the Mist; my friend paid for dinner.  I was under budget by $30. 🙂

Overall I travelled 700+ kms this week-end.

Today I rested.

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I can hardly wait to get back into our “regular” routine.


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