Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Revenue Canada has reached the point where they figured they have clawed obtained more than enough out of my pay cheque and are now stealing taking less.

My last pay was $160 more than usual. 🙂  More than $320 extra this month? Yes please!!

Looks like I will be meeting this month’s goal of increasing savings and paying off more debt!!! 🙂

Speaking of this month’s goal, I still have $60 in my wallet to spend for this week.

It’s amazing how little I want to spend when I know there is a limit. 🙂  That coupled with the fact that I am still saving all my change for the sealed pot challenge.  I am even less likely to part with my money.

Ahhh mind tricks to save, gotta love ’em!


Comments on: "It’s that time of the year again!" (3)

  1. […] I have incorporated my new windfall into my budget thereby making it harder to cheat and meet my goal of over-saving and over-paying […]

  2. That’s interesting they adjust it accordingly!

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