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Being on a budget sucks.  I know I don’t have to tell anyone that, so really I am only just stating the obvious.

I had an “ah ha” moment the other day.  I realized the reason I am in debt is because I spend tomorrow’s earnings today.  I know this on an intellectual level as it is simple math but I don’t think I ever “got it” on an emotional level.

Recently I challenged myself to live off of $170/week as per Carla’s September savings challenge.  This would be fine had “things” not popped up.

First extra pull on my funds was the first week of school.  Between both my girls, the amount they needed was almost 65% of my weekly allotment.  I decided to challenge myself and not pull the money from my savings.  A decision I did not regret at the time.  Not saying I regret it now but it sure made life a lot more challenging.

Then I filled my tank.  And bought groceries.  Ate out with friends.  Went on activities that were planned long before I made the decision to live on $170/week.

With the exception of the treetop trekking & Niagara as they were budgeted events, I have pulled all other spending from my weekly total.  It’s been hard and has challenged me more that I care to admit.

So this brings me to my next 2 conundrums.

  1. Tomorrow I planned a birthday lunch along with one of my co-workers for another co-worker’s birthday.  The cost for this will be $17.
  2. Saturday I am supposed to attend a retirement dinner party for 2 ladies I used to see almost daily at the Post Office.  In total the evening will cost me $55.

Both these activities were planned last month.  At the present moment I think I am going to go, borrowing against next week’s allowance.  Then challenging myself to live off the rest.  Bad mindset I know. 😦

I also want to put Diva in badminton lessons through Toronto’s parks and rec programs.  This will cost $35 for 9 weeks.  This will leave me with just $63 for next week. I think it is do-able, it just might not be pretty.  Thankfully I still have 3/4 of a tank of gas left.

It just feels like there is ALWAYS something.  It really does make me think about those who don’t have a choice; why it is that the poor get poorer.  And to think I don’t even have to think about paying for most medical expenses.




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  1. I think you need to go on with your plans, enjoy them, and like me, we will do only what we can for the month and be happy with whatever we accomplish!! 🙂 If you read my post the other day, you know I need to loosen up, so that’s my goal. If that means not living on such a rigid budget, well… then so be it. 😉 Deal?

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