Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

WSR – 09/16/12

Sept 10 – No Spend Day

Sept 11 – No Spend Day

Sept 12 – $7.26 groceries

Sept 13 – No Spend Day

Sept 14 – $17 sushi lunch for co-worker’s birthday
$20 gifts for retirement party

Sept 15 – $1.20 stupid tax in the form of library fines
$35 retirement dinner party
$4 allowance (Diva also had library fees)
$16.65 groceries
$35 badminton lessons for Diva

Sept 16 – No Spend Day

Grand Total: $136.11
4 No Spend Days

This leaves me with $33.89 to last me the rest of the week.  Which might have worked except I have an appointment with my chiropractor on Wednesday. I have already gone over my yearly benefit amount so visits are now out-of-pocket. 😦 My appointment will cost more than what is left in this week’s allowance.

I am hoping to get to a point where I don’t need to borrow from next week’s allotment.

From the looks of things so far as long as nothing else comes up, I should be on budget for the month. 🙂


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