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IWIW – 09/26/12

It’s been a long while since I wrote about my wants.  Lately there hasn’t been much that I have really wanted.  Strange I know.

But then Kitchen Stuff Plus sent me this week’s specials and *ding* *ding* *ding* something caught my eye.


I have a few ton of small kitchen appliances that could be better stored on this shelving unit than on my kitchen table, above my kitchen cabinets and in my kitchen cabinets.

A year or more ago a co-worker told me this his wife forced convinced him to buy some metal shelving for the purpose of storing all their small appliances.  He said it was a great way of having things on hand without taking up a lot of counter space.

Since counter space is minimal in my kitchen I thought this idea might work for me, but never got around to researching it.

Based on the hot mess that my kitchen has become I think that the 5 shelf version could bring order to my kitchen.  I’m just not sure that it is strong enough to hold a stand mixer, food processor, toaster oven and blender, among other things.

What do you think should I spend the $60+ or try to get creative?

Comments on: "IWIW – 09/26/12" (2)

  1. I’d worry too that it might bend under the weight! Appliance storage is a “must have” though, but maybe something stronger?

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