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Crisis averted

I love my children.  Even more so when they think I just recently fell off the turnip truck.

Last night I came home from dinner with my girlfriend to have this conversation.

Princess: Mom, I NEED to go to the mall tomorrow.

Me: Why?

Princess: Because I have to get my iTouch fixed.

Me: What’s wrong with your iTouch?

Princess: It’s not charging.

Me: Why isn’t it charging?

Princess:  Well YOU left the watering can beside my computer and I didn’t notice and the charger for my iTouch fell in and I put my iTouch to charge and now it’s not charging.

Me: Did you try the other charger?

Princess: YES MOTHER, and it doesn’t work either.

Me: Did you put it in rice?

Princess: Why would I do that?

Me: To dry it out.

Princess: Why would I know that?


So my girl proceeds to get some rice and puts her iTouch in the rice.  I tell her to put it somewhere safe.  Partway though the evening I heard the pitter patter of rice falling … O__o

This morning guess whose iTouch can charge??? 😉


Comments on: "Crisis averted" (2)

  1. We did this with our cell phone as well… it was DONE for at the time we thought.. it’s a miracle from above 🙂 lol!! Glad it worked for you too!

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