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Only teenagers here now

Today is Diva’s 13th birthday.  She was extremely excited.  It was also picture day so she got up and washed her hair and I pulled it back in a bun.

Her only request so far is to have sushi for dinner.  We have a favourite restaurant but then I introduced her to the concept of all you can eat sushi and she was sold!

We went to my usual lunch spot.  It was fantastic.  Unfortunately I don’t think that Diva enjoyed it as much as she could have as her braces were tightened yesterday. 😦

Quote for today.

Princess: These are the best popcorn shrimp I have ever had.

Me: It’s chicken.

Princess: No it’s not.  It’s shrimp.

Me: Princess, what did you order?  Look on the menu.

Princess: Oh … well these taste really good.

Sometimes that child makes me laugh.


Comments on: "Only teenagers here now" (4)

  1. Besides her braces, I hope she had a wonderful birthday!! 🙂

  2. […] Friday was Diva’s birthday.  Her Dad got in contact with her on Saturday and said he had an errand to run then he would call […]

  3. Happy Birthday Diva!

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