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Canadian Thanksgiving

I love long week-ends.  Long week-ends with special food is even better! 🙂

Usually I go to my Dad’s house for all holiday occasions but since I am getting over a cold, I think I should keep my germs at home.  Plus 3 days of lazing sounds fantastic.

Since I am not going to have dinner out, I figured I’d do a little something small at home.  Thanksgiving calls for turkey.  Since there are only 3 of us, I could not bring myself to buy a whole turkey.  So I went to the grocery store with the intention of buying one of those stuffed turkey breasts.  I’m not sure what rock I’ve been living under but I just learned such a thing existed yesterday.

While in the store with Diva, I realized that none of us really like breast meat and they were selling drumsticks and thighs.  So I bought 2 of each, along with some boxed stuffing and canned gravy.  Hush, I’m looking for a basic Thanksgiving meal with minimal effort.  We have some leftover roasted potato wedges and broccoli to round out the meal.  I also picked up 2 cupcakes for the girls.  Wanna guess whose idea that was?

I’m excited at the thought of gravy and stuffing.  I know it’s takes very little for me.

Now to google how to cook turkey legs. 😉


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  1. have a super Thanksgiving meal, we had ours yesterday and it was so good and plenty of leftover, I posted photos on my blog.


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