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Change in plans

I try not to dwell on it too often but life as a single parent is sometimes full of challenges.

On Friday was Diva’s birthday.  Her Dad got in contact with her on Saturday and said he had an errand to run then he would call and come pick her up.  My child was up until 2 am … no phone call. 😦 He sent her a text message at 7 am Sunday morning saying he had car trouble the night before and that he was going to work and would call when he’s finished.  No time given. 😦

My Mom & sister came over yesterday to give Diva her birthday present.  After being bored in the house, Diva and my sister went to the park.  Wouldn’t you know that would be the very time that my kids’ father would decide to call.  Diva returned shortly and called him back.  He was upset that she was not home. *argh* They made plans for this morning.  He was hoping for 8 am.  My girls got up around 10:30.  When Diva was ready she called him.  No answer. 😦

Yesterday I got a call from my Dad.  My step-Mom is an awesome cook and I never turn down an opportunity to eat her cooking.  So tonight we are going to their place to have Thanksgiving dinner. 🙂

I made a quick call to my Dad today to remind him that Friday was Diva’s birthday. O__o  Yup, he forgot.  I told him we just need to acknowledge it and she will be happy.  And she would not turn down cash. 😉

Every year they forget.  Diva is now getting to an age where she notices and feels sad that she is overlooked.  Princess’ birthday is near mine so she always gets some sort of celebration.

So since I am going out for Thanksgiving dinner I have to put off cooking my turkey parts.  I am debating whether to cook it in the week or leave it until the weekend.  From what I found on google, the parts only take about 2 hours to cook so I could get one of the kids to put it in the oven when they get home.

While writing this my kids’ Dad texted Diva and he is on his way. 🙂  I’ll pick up my kids on my way to my Dad’s.

Hopefully the time spent with their Dad will be a pleasant one.





Comments on: "Change in plans" (9)

  1. The back and forth thing sucks.

  2. Oh how I remember those days. Keep your chin up and try not to say to many bad things about your ex. Say them just not around the little ones. 😉

    • lifeisfullofsunnydays said:

      I try not to say anything at all as that negative energy just grows and festers. It does not serve me well at all.

  3. It does suck to see your child have her heart broken by the first man she loves. I, too, hope your girls have a good time, though. And, right now I feel a little uneducated for not realizing that Canada had a Thanksgiving different from the US…typical American, huh? lol

    • lifeisfullofsunnydays said:

      OMG, I just thought of you yesterday. Wondered how your wedding went. I see you started a new blog, I will have to get caught up!

  4. that sucks and it is frustrating. My brother is 42 years of age and still seeks our dad’s approval where ever possible. Our parents divorced when he was 13.

    Have a quiet word with your ex-dh and tell him not to make plans unless he can follow through with them 100%.


    • lifeisfullofsunnydays said:

      Unfortunately I have gone down that road before. The conversation was completely unproductive. He used it as a complain session and refused to see what part he played in the situation.

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