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WSR – 10/07/12

A long over due post, sorry.

Sept 25 – $13.44 groceries

Sept 26 – $6 pizza lunch for Diva
$2 donation to Terry Fox walk for Diva

Sept 27 – No Spend Day

Sept 28 – $30 sushi dinner with a girlfriend

Sept 29 – $168.52 grocery stock up at Costco
$1.58 Costco hotdog

Sept 30 – $10.68 groceries
$65.75 gas
$20.31 groceries
$16.94 badminton racquet for Diva
$79.09 metal shelves and bathroom scale

Oct 1 – No Spend Day

Oct 2 – No Spend Day

Oct 3 – No Spend Day

Oct 4 – $450 dentist
$11.86 chia seeds
$7.90 chicken wings

Oct 5 – $1.88 McDonald’s
$85.00 birthday dinner for Diva

Oct 6 – $15.97 groceries for Thanksgiving diner
$49.01 groceries
$29.89 light bulbs for my car

Oct 7 – $26.59 groceries
$6.78 dollar store

Grand Total: $1099.22
4 No Spend Days

That is a pretty big total, even for 2 weeks.

I have spent a lot on food … again. 😦  I will be eating out of my cupboards for the next little while.   On the plus side, I have been taking my lunch to work during this whole time!! 🙂

I fell off my $170/week budget.  I will try again next week, this week I will try to survive on what is already here.


Comments on: "WSR – 10/07/12" (2)

  1. Hey now… cut yourself a break.. $450 of that was dental! 😉 I wouldn’t even “count” that as a ‘regular’ expense kwim? $30 light bulbs though… ouch! 😦

    • lifeisfullofsunnydays said:

      My headlight and a brake light went out. I hear that there are tickets involved with both so I didn’t want to take any more chances. On the plus side, I changed them myself so no labour costs!! 🙂

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