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PGH Update 10/13/12

Project Get Healthy is in full swing.  I broke down and bought a scale and then stepped on it.

After the first weight in I felt like my results were skewed as the only reference I had for my weight was in early August.  So I was waiting patiently for the next week to see what my progress really was.

We had weight loss people!!! 🙂

Since August I am now down 5 pounds. 🙂 🙂

I must admit I find myfitnesspal.com very helpful.  (No, they are not paying me to say that, but they could ;)) It really does help me be accountable.  I am much more aware of what I eat.  It does all the calorie counting for me I just have to be accurate honest about what I eat.  I also like that if I want to eat more all I have to do is exercise.  Sounds logical but until I started this process I never really put the two together in a productive way.

Last year when I did the 30 day shred every day and I didn’t lose a lot of weight, maybe 4 pounds.  This was because my portion sizes to begin with were very large and then I would eat more as I justified it by saying I exercised, let me reward myself. 😦

Now I am a lot more knowledgeable I think it will truly become a lifestyle change rather than a temporary fad.




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