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First world problems

So I was thinking the other day that I really do suffer from “first world problems”.

Case in point:  No Frills, a local discount grocery store, is having a good sale this week.  There are a few things I wold like to stock up on.  I was in the store on the week-end and bought a couple of packages of ribs and Jane’s chicken strips.  I would like to buy more but my freezers are full.

With what? (And yes, you read correctly freezers, as in more than one.)

2 cartons of this; among other things.


I have both vanilla and chocolate in my possession as my kids like different things and their mother has spoiled them.

No Frills had the 4 litre cartons of ice cream on sale for cheap so I did what any self-respecting frugalist would do, I bought one of each flavour.

My children have since grown “tired” of eating ice cream. O__o  ARGH!!

My life is “hard”.  LOL



Comments on: "First world problems" (2)

  1. Yes, we really do, don’t we. 😉 How people say how their life “sucks” from a text coming fron an iPhone it makes me laugh & shake my head…

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