Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Saturday’s fun

Outside looks like this.


I have some errands to run and that view is not inspiring me at all.

I have to deal with these today.

Any longer and they will be beyond icky.  They will turn into either bread or muffins.  Leaning towards muffins as I can force convince my kids to eat them for breakfast in the week.

On my list for today is:

  1. Finish putting together my Secret Sister package and take photos of it
  2. Make banana chocolate chip muffins
  3. Tidy up
  4. Return library books and pick up what’s waiting in hold
  5. Make curry chicken & roti for dinner
  6. Laundry
  7. Figure out what meals will look like next week
  8. Pick up Princess’ contacts from Costco & pick up a few things (I will stick to my list!!)
  9. Watch some of the movies I have borrowed from the library
  10. Grocery shopping

I think that’s enough for one day.

My plan is to season the chicken and make the dough for the roti before I leave the house.

I am hoping not to be out all day, especially given the rainy weather.

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