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Secret Sister Stuff

Alright, I got the news I was waiting for.

The package was delivered!!!  I hope she likes it.  Not entirely impressed that it was left at the front door, but too late to lament that now.

The “she” in question is Toni from Birdie Something.

So clearly I was not really paying attention to the rules behind the Secret Sister Swap as I did not realize that we were paired up.  So cool to find out after the fact though.

Anyhoo …

This is what I brought home.

Ok, it’s the back side of my package but you get the idea.

These were inside.

Inside the boxes.

Inside the yellow one was presents for Princess & Diva.

Inside the black one was treats for me.

Here’s what the stash looked like out of the boxes.

And here’s what it looked like when everything was unwrapped.

All in all, Toni outdid herself.  I feel very blessed and a bit overwhelmed.

What you see in the picture is:

  1. Tetley infusions liquid iced tea mix in red tea with strawberry & raspberry.  I have never seen these although this could be because I don’t tend to go down that aisle in the supermarket.  It looks delicious and has real sugar in it.  I am very excited to try it out.
  2. Lipton Blackberry Vanilla Infusion.  A favourite of Toni’s.  I think I have seen other flavours but not this one as I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat.  Vanilla anything is a go in my book.
  3. 2 packages of Cadbury’s buttons.  These were for my girls.  Both packages were opened and sampled.  Yum! Somehow I think I will only get the 2 that I got today.  No more for me. 😦
  4. A notebook that Toni personalized herself.  Very pretty.  I don’t recall telling her that I was a notebook/journal lover and to have her put her own special touches on it was perfect.
  5. A book entitled “What would Jane do?”  In it are questions about what famous women would do and funny answers.  I love it.
  6. The package with the pink ribbon is recipe cards with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.  It looks so pretty I don’t want to open it but curiosity will get the better of me.
  7. The Time Traveler’s Wife movie.  This has been on my list of movies to see for a very long time.
  8. 3 different types of Nature bars.  These too have been on my list of things to try.  I have seen them at Costco but didn’t want to risk buying a big box of them if I didn’t like them.  Now I don’t have to. 🙂
  9. Brookside Dark chocolate acai blueberry.  These were brought into my office a while back but by the time I got around to getting to the bag it was empty. 😦  I opened this bad boy tonight.  OMG!!  These are my new crack.  Holy moly good.  I am in trouble.

Toni did a fantastic job with this package.  I only hope that she is as happy with her package as I am with mine.

Thank you Carla for doing this.  It was a lot of fun.  I would so do this again.


Comments on: "Secret Sister Stuff" (5)

  1. I just finished posting about my package and came over to thank you and I see you got yours too! I also didn’t realized we were paired together the last time I did the SSS I didn’t have the same person who had me.

    So glad you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s a mix of drama, action and romance so I’m sure you’ll love it! I too look for “real sugar” in food items and was pleasantly surprised the first time I found that Tetley had a way to flavour water that didn’t involve the fake stuff.

    I’ve been reading your blog and wanted to post (but didn’t want to ruin the surprise that we were sisters) that I too have found great success with My fitness Pal, I did the exact same thing as you, I would just workout more to earn more calories if I wanted to eat more. I lost 10 lbs in a month and would like to lose ten more (last of the baby weight from having my 3rd, 10mths ago.). I was thinking of starting up again…but better wait until after the candy apples are gone 😉

    And to answer your question Yes, yes, YES! I’m totally happy with my package, even though I put down I love candy apples I really didn’t expect to get one! (let alone two!) And mint hot chocolate is my favourite, you did a good job putting that together 🙂

  2. […] Right now I am trying to decide if I am hungry and what I am going to eat.  Before the workout I was under my calories for today so I have some options.  I’m thinking chocolate covered blueberries and a cup of tea.  Thanks Toni, she got me addicted to included these delicious treats in my secret sister package! […]

  3. […] is having an Easter Secret Sister Swap.  You know I had to join that, it was so much fun last time.  I need to finish putting my package […]

  4. […] is having an Easter Secret Sister Swap.  You know I had to join that, it was so much fun last time.  I need to finish putting my package […]

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