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WSR – 11/05/12

Nov 1 – No Spend Day

Nov 2 – $1 library fees 😦
$20 hair chalk for Diva’s Xmas present

Nov 3 – $36.03 dinner out
$10 gas to get me to the border
$52.09 “cheap” American gas
$114.17 Target
$19.95 movie – The man with Iron fists
$11.25 popcorn & drink at the movies

Nov 4 – $20.59 Friendly’s
$80.89 hotel accommodations
$38.43 Walgreen’s
$45.23 Target
$18.43 more “cheap” American gas

Nov 5 – No Spend Day

Grand Total: $468.06
2 No Spend Days

Wowsers.  Thank goodness I don’t leave my house too often.  This out and about stuff really adds up.  I don’t know how people spend every weekend shopping and eating out and still afford to eat during the rest of the week.

Sadly I did not see any great ideas for any of the folks on my Christmas list.  I would say $30 of that total is for Christmas gifts. 😦




Comments on: "WSR – 11/05/12" (2)

  1. a treat every now and then does a body good!

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