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Living History

This morning I went to see Diva sing “Amazing Grace” at her school’s Remembrance Day ceremony.  She was fantastic.

The special guest was a veteran of World War 2.  He served in the American Army at the time.  His story was engaging and light on horror.  He discussed what it was like joining the Army and having no say as to where you did your training or where you went to serve.  He talked about what it was like in basic training.  He glossed over actually fighting in the war.

He was delightful; throwing jokes out that went well over the heads of the majority of the audience.

I am not sure the audience grasped how truly fortunate we are.  They looked a little bored during his recollection of his time at war.

During the question and answer time though these kids really came around.  They were engaged and curious.  Of course he was asked if he ever killed anyone.  And he declined to answer.  You could see in his eyes that wartime was a painful time.  All other questions were answered and he looked to be in his element as these kids asked him about his life and his time at war.

He told them to be grateful, that this was their time and when an adult asked them to do something they should just do it!  He was great.


There was a part of the assembly where they lit candles in memoriam of World War I, World War II, other wars, the unnamed solders,  and the civilians lost in battle.

The veteran was tasked with lighting the candle for WW2.  Which he did and then he saluted and paused for a noticeable amount of time.  It sent chills down my spine.  I can’t even imagine what was going through his mind.  The teachers who lit the remaining candles seemed to do it in haste and that made me a little sad.

All in all it was a great assembly.  It is sad to think that we are losing all these great men and women and their stories and life lessons.

We must truly never forget.



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