Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Today I was like a lean mean chore doing machine!!

Let me show you how much so.

  1. Bake bread – DONE
  2. Bake oatmeal chocolate chip muffins – DONE
  3. 5  4 loads of laundry – DONE, I actually did 8 … now to put them all away 😦
  4. Trim my hair – DONE
  5. Make chicken fried rice for dinner – Nope, does seasoning the meat count?
  6. Clean both bathrooms – DONE
  7. Menu plan for the week – Nope
  8. Hem a pair of work pants and the sleeve on my jacket – DONE & I repaired a hole in another pair of pants
  9. Tidy up the kitchen – DONE
  10. Dust & vacuum living room/dining room – Pass, I vacuumed, no dusting
  11. Water the plants – DONE
  12. Shred old bills & documents – Nope

8.5/12 … GO ME!!!


Comments on: "Just call me, Super Productive!!" (4)

  1. Great to hear about your success. I find that posting my “To Do List” is a great way to get more done. Nothing like a little positive peer pressure. Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  2. Hell yeah, go you! Now come finish off my list!

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