Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

RIT – Day 7

7 down … 13 more to go.

My shoulders are burning.  Level 2 has a lot of plank poses.  My shoulders are not built to hold up ALL my weight for very long. LOL  That definition that I am looking for better come soon.

I have run into a strange “problem”.

My calorie goal is to net 1400.  So if I earn 300 extra calories from exercise I try to eat at least 200+ calories, so that I get as close to net 1400 as possible.

During the week, because of my daily exercise I have a ton of extra calories which I try my best to use up.  Some days … more days than not, that is becoming harder to do.  I know I have such a hard life.  I can’t use up all my calories. lol 😉

Since I don’t exercise on the week-end I miss those extra calories.  I just need want a measly 100 extra calories.

I think I might put a walk or something back into my week-ends so I burn some calories but not too many … it’s a burden to have to eat them all back. 😉


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