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IWIW – 11/14/12

Confession time, I am a camera addict.  I’m not sure if I really like taking pictures or just buying new gadgets.  But I have 3 functioning cameras right now, but they are all point and shoot.

I would really, really, really, really like a DSLR.  Like REALLY.  But I have yet to justify the high price.

I have always wanted a Canon Rebel.  I am a Canon fan.  All my current cameras are Canons.

Every year I say “I’ll get last year’s model and be happy” and then the next model would come along and I would think “Oh my … feature blah blah blah is really nice maybe I should wait until the price drops on the new version and get it instead”

This has been going on for 4, maybe 5 years. 😦

Last year I said I would stop at the Canon T3i as it has the flip out screen that I find handy to have.

But then I started looking at the Canon T4i … and it has a touchscreen … blah blah blah. 😦


Isn’t it pretty?

Anyhoo, I started researching lenses and I came across the new 18-135mm STM lens that would allow me to do close up and a longer zoom without having to change lenses.  It will also maintain autofocus while in movie mode.  And that is where trouble started.

The Canon T4i and the new 18-135mm lens bundled with a few extras are on sale.  I have until Nov 21 …

I have avoided going to look at it as I feel like I would finally give in to temptation.

I have to confess, that at least once every couple of days I look at it online. 😦

What do you think, spend the money and stop torturing myself or continue to lust from afar?




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  1. This sounds pretty much like me and my lust for a nexus 7; except I check it out daily and I have a much longer time to decide.

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