Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Change in plans

So earlier I listed what I wanted to cook but then it occurred to me that I didn’t put my other chores on the list. 😦

I neglected to pick up some gifts from a family friend.  This errand was 3 weeks over due. 😦  But I can cross it off my list now.

I also got 2 loads of laundry done.  I’m sure there are more loads to be done but not this weekend.

My kids’ father surprised me by asking to meet up.  We never rarely talk.  I mean it’s really rare.  So I agreed.

He didn’t really have a lot to say.  He was trying to figure out why the kids were complaining about life at my house when they came to visit.  It was a little amusing.  They don’t like having consequences for bad behaviour.  We talked for 45 minutes.  Longest time in recent memory.  It was pleasant which was surprising.

When I got home it was mid-afternoon.  I forgot I had almost a full bag of potatoes. 😦  So I amended my menu.

I made Mini BBQ Cheddar Meatloaves with mashed potatoes and veggies instead of extra meatballs.

 Meatloaves  Mashed potatoes Dinner 🙂

I still made the soup and the cheesy bread; this will be tomorrow’s dinner.

 Meatball soup  Cheesy bread

There is a lot of mashed potatoes left so I will make Shepherd’s Pie later this week.  I might freeze it.

Please excuse my crappy cell phone photos.


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