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I’m cooking up a storm

I was trying not to be too busy this week-end but I don’t think I can avoid it.

I want to do some cooking today so that it will be a little easier for me in the week.

On my list is the following:

  1. Italian-style Tomato and Meatball Soup
  2. Cheesy Italian Quick Bread
  3. Skinny Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo
  4. Bread (my Gran’s recipe)

I have most of what I need except for the parmesan cheese for the Alfredo.  I forgot when I was at the grocery store yesterday. 😦 So depending on whether I have the time to go get it will dictate if the Alfredo will be made today or later in the week.

For the soup I will be making meatballs from scratch.  First time ever.  I will be making extras to freeze for future meals.  Hopefully they turn out good.  I will try my best to follow the recipe but sometimes I get a little carried away.

The cheesy bread is to go with the soup.  When I saw them together they made my stomach growl so I took that as a sign to try them out.

I didn’t buy bread this week as my kids seemed to enjoy eating my Grandmother’s bread last week.  Since we have a bit of deli meat still left in the fridge I will bake rolls to use it out.


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