Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

RIT – Day 11

11 down … 9 more to go.

Where to start …

I forgot how upper body intensive Level 3 is.  My arms are still feeling like jello, 4 hours later.  I don’t have those muscles … yet. 😉

On Friday I stepped on the scale after my workout and was unpleasantly greeted with a number higher than the last time.  I started to think that all my working out was in vain.  Then I remembered I had just ingested a litre of water.  Silly bunny.  So no more hopping on the scale outside of Monday morning.

As of this morning I am 9 pounds lighter than when I started.  I took my measurements yesterday and other than my waist (smaller) and my left bicep (bigger) the numbers are all about the same.  Which is weird to me as I think I am smaller.  But the numbers don’t lie.

I would like to do my workouts in the morning for the rest of the week.  It would be nice to come home and just sit for a change.  Although having said that tomorrow I am going to all you can eat sushi for lunch with some work folks.  I might have to work out twice to offset all those calories. 😦

I will give you the spiel as I think it’s important for me to say it.

I’m getting muscles!!

I’m.  Getting.  Muscles. 🙂

I hope you were not expecting anything too profound!!! 😉


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